Page 157: Too Late
November 13th, 2018


Theren: Arik, no. He's too strong. Stand down.

Maiya: Theren!

Onyx: Kayne!

Kerrigan: Awww crap. We're too late.


Gemma at MCM ComiCon London

Gemma will have a table at MCM ComiCon in London next weekend from Oct 26th - 28th. Stop by and see her if you're there.

Removed Disqus

I removed Disqus today.  It started inserting some obnoxious ad blocks that apparently can't be removed on the free version.

Website Upgrade

We upgraded the website today.  The most notable difference is the new archive page layout, and slightly different URLs for the pages.   The Disqus comments will reappear over the next week or so as I migrate them to the new pages manually.  Please let us know if you see anything broken!

Gemma at MCM Comic Con

Gemma will be exhibiting at MCM Comicon in London this year.  The con is May 25-27, and Gemma will be at table F-4 in the N section.  See her Twitter for more info.

Bonus Page

Special one time bonus page today, since we're just about to release our 100th page!