About Darkwynd Chronicles

The Darkwynd Chronicles is a coming of age story set in a magical world full of floating skylands.  Join Onyx, Dyanna, and Kerrigan on their adventures as they get into trouble in the port city of Darkwynd.

Andrea (Writer)

Andrea grew up reading comics. She always wanted to have one of her own, and here it is!

Gemma (Artist)

Gemma is a UK-based artist making comics for fun and profit. Self-taught, self-employed and a self-proclaimed 'glamorous tomboy'. She loves expressive art, bombastic characters and stories chock full of fun. Loves to draw background characters telling background stories. Dresses like it's still the 90's and secretly believes she's a Red Power Ranger.

Andy (Producer)

Andy is a software engineer who spends his days making fancy CRUD for a motorcycle parts company. He spends his "free" time as Andrea's programmer slave, building websites for her projects and making her story dialog suck less.